Ilities is a software consultancy specialized in JVM backends with Spring framwerork, using Java and Kotlin languages, and frontends built with modern JavaScript frameworks, namely React and Vue.js.

In previous assignments we have specialized in transforming large monolithic and legacy JVM/JS codebases to follow modern best practices. This has included introduction of service oriented and microservice architectures to existing solutions. We also have a large amount of experience refactoring and rearchitecting internal code structures to follow isolated, scoped and modular patterns. This has had the effect of increasing maintainability and reducing lead times on new feature development. On the frontend side we have vast amount of experience migrating from older, early 21st century patterns to modern Javascript frameworks, using both Single Page Application and multi-page Single Page Application approaches.

Around company processes we have experience on introducing proper Continuous integration and continuous delivery/deployment capabilities to development and QA teams. This has included introducing automated tooling arond building, delivering and testing solutions from development environments to all the way to customer facing cloud-hosted production environments.

Ilities is run by Jussi Hallila who has experience from the industry for 10+ years.

If you have queries around architectural solutions or enquiries about consulting and/or freelance work, please don’t hesitate to contact.